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CLean Contract is a law firm focused on corporate law, serving its customers from the Finnish energy capital, Vaasa, all across Finland and globally. CLean Contract is specialized in international trade and offers contract law supporting your business needs. The name of the company, CLean Contract, stands for a lean process from a contract draft to the clean contract ready for signature. CLean Contract takes care of the drafting of various contracts and negotiations, incl. project deliveries, business transactions, share transactions and shareholder agreements. The approach emphasizes on preventive risk management.

Corporate Law for Small and Large Companies

CLean Contract's operations are based on strong knowledge of corporate law and an efficient operating rooted in Lean philosophy. In assignments, we focus only on essential and relevant matters, ie "lean process to clean contract". CLean Contract provides legal services for small businesses and large companies for additional resources with one-off assignments or agreed amount of work hours per month. The company ensures the rapid availability of expert assistance through a capacity agreement.

CLean Contract is run by a long-term corporate lawyer Merja Kohonen, whose background includes working as Atria's General Counsel, Wärtsilä's corporate lawyer and the finance manager of North Kymi Savings Bank, for example. Her over 20 years of experience as an in-house lawyer have given Merja Kohonen the best skills to understand business law and customer needs. In addition to solid expertise, CLean Contract's service includes an effective process from a contract draft to the clean contract ready for signature.

"An experienced lawyer has given us comfort and helped us a lot especially with our international contracts. We have received added value for risk management and quick service in tight negotiation schedules."

Mårten Storbacka 

Managing Director

WE Tech Solutions Oy

Quality from Experience, Efficiency from Lean Thinking

Merja Kohonen is an experienced business lawyer who takes care of contracts, saving client's time and money. Her extensive background as a corporate lawyer has given her the ability to understand and support client's business as comprehensively as possible. Well-drafted contracts can provide company with value that can become significant, for example, when the company is likely to be sold. Contracts are also longer and more complex, due to the global trend of "Americanization" of the contracts. In addition, they are often written in English even if the contracting parties were Finnish companies.

Aside from contract quality, it's important that the customer is satisfied and does not pay for unnecessary work. And so, Kohonen bases her operations on Lean thinking. Lean is a management philosophy, which focuses on eliminating all unnecessary and unproductive processes, thus reduce costs. Recognizing and eliminating wastage improves quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Lean thinking can be applied to corporate law processes, for example, by focusing only on relevant and essential issues and avoiding unnecessarily lengthy commenting, which will consume both lawyer's and client's work hours.

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Merja Kohonen, Business Law Expert

Merja Kohonen has served as Atria Group's General Counsel and as a Secretary of Atria's Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Management Team. In her role, she gained experience not only in Corporate Governance but also in several acquisitions and competition law.

While working as an industrial lawyer in Wärtsilä Group, M. Kohonen drafted and negotiated international project agreements, turnkey deliveries of power plants, various maintenance contracts and co-operation agreements. Later, she was responsible for the legal support of the entire Wärtsilä Group's procurement organization. Also, her tasks included handling claims, training in various countries, and advising on insurance, tax and IPR matters. M. Kohonen became acquainted with finance sector and securities market as a finance manager and investment bank service manager at North Kymi Savings Bank.