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CLean Contract offers a variety of contract law services to companies on a global level from Vaasa's office. Vaasa has the largest energy industry among the Nordic countries, Energy Vaasa. CLean Contract is run by a corporate lawyer Merja Kohonen, who manages the client's contract law issues in a high-quality and efficient manner through her long-standing experience in the business world and applying Lean thinking. This guarantees the best possible quality and cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Multiple Services of Contract Law

Well-drafted contracts bring clarity and value to company. This value may be measured, for example, in a situation where the company could be sold. In daily trading, limiting contract risks is especially important for the seller. Commercial laws are usually always on buyer's side, and the consequences of delay or error can be surprisingly heavy, often unlimited, unless the liability is limited by a contract. CLean Contract offers legal expertise, especially in drafting project delivery contracts and export trade agreements. In international trade, the importance of risk management and good contract is emphasized.

You'll get expert service for any type of contract, for example: delivery, sales, purchasing, agent, intent, preliminary, frame, resale, project, license, non-disclosure, service, subcontracting, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation, partnering, co-operation, consortium, joint venture, research and development, rental, real estate, settlement, etc. agreement. CLean Contract provides assistance in drafting, commenting and negotiating various contracts, business transactions, share transactions, and shareholder agreements. CLean Contract also helps in settling disagreements to find the best possible result. Drafting claims and responding to them are included in the scope of services.

Preventive Risk Management

Traditionally, a lawyer is contacted when problems occur. However, it's advisable to include the lawyer at negotiation stage before signing a contract, as fire prevention is much easier and cheaper than extinguishing burning ruins. In the event of problems, you can only choose whether you extinguish the fire with water or foam or whether you suppress it by pedaling it. Root cause can no longer be affected and the signed contracts dictates negotiating positions. Since trade laws are usually always on buyer's side, it is advisable for seller to ensure that risks are identified and limited before signing. Most contract disputes are settled without a legal process. In disputes, CLean Contract helps you find the best possible result for your business.

There is no business without risk. However, it's good to identify the risks and ensure that the risks are managed and the business is not compromised when a risk is realized. The services offered by CLean Contract include reviewing standard contract templates used by the company and suggestions for improvements to contract templates. Also, reviewing the contract drafting process and training staff to use contract templates correctly are included in the bulk of services. CLean Contract also manages contract matters related to IPR protection.

Corporate Governance Consulting

CLean Contract offers consulting relating to good Corporate Governance. This includes secretarial services for Board of Directors, corporate law services, starting up and closing a business, mergers, etc.

Own Lawyer Service

When you choose to engage CLean Contract with a capacity agreement, you will have your own expert lawyer available for your business and ensure quick availability of services. The capacity agreement includes a certain fixed amount of hours per month and it is more advantageous for the customer than one-off assignments. Contact us for more information!